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Well to say I love New York is an understatement. I visit New York all year round and reside in the Times Square district. In this blog I going to share with you some tips for your next visit to NYC.

I Fly Delta airlines. I have a AMEX sky miles card and I like to take advantage of the perks my card offers. Your first year is free, after the first year you pay a $95 per year fee for the card. We all know baggage fees can be up to $50 per bag with some airlines. Here are just a few perks I receive from being an American Express card holder with Delta airlines.

Times Square

*My First checked bag is free saves ($25) per bag

*My companions first checked bag is free as well

*Main cabin 1 priority boarding. I get to board the flight earlier than others passengers and stow my belongings away.

*Delta sky club access. I receive a discounted fee when i want to take advantage of the Delta Sky lounge located in all airports worldwide.

*20% off in flight purchases. This includes food and beverages.

Take advantage of the wonderful benefits Delta's AMEX card offers by signing up today. Simply click the link below to sign up.

I recently signed up for CLEAR. When you enter the security check area at the airport you may be approached by a CLEAR associate asing if you would like to sign up for a free trial. I literally get to skip the long security lines at the airport and a CLEAR associate walks me straight to the baggage scanner. The free trial lasts 7 days and cost about $179 per year. If your a frequent traveler and hate long lines and like to feel like a VIP i highly recommend this service. Get 2 months free on me. Go ahead try it out. Click the link below. Thank me later.

To sign up visit

I normally fly in to LaGuardia airport when traveling to NYC. There is currently construction going on as of July 2019 and you will have to walk a bit to the UBER stand to caught a ride. If your traveling by bus then as soon as you exit the airport, you can walk across the street to the bus stop. I use UBER because I want to get to where im going faster. There are public share vans that pick up from the airport for a fee of $25 to $45 depending on where you are headed. In the past I have had unfavorable experiences using these services. Once I decided to book a van from the airport to Times Square. Do you know that he dropped me off half a mile away from Times Square. Directed everyone to exit the van and WALK! I was so angry. I was walking threw NY bumping people out of my way. Yelling move over the entire walk from the bus stop. I was livid to say the least. They took my money then dropped me off AT NIGHT IN NYC. I don't think so. Never again.

I love the convenience of tapping a button on my phone and a car service picking me up and dropping me off at my destination.

Just for reading my blog here is $2 off each of your first 3 Uber rides. Simply use "rissam1" to sign up.


If you prefer using LYFT here is a $5 ride credit. Use this link

Expect to pay around $35 to $68 for a ride from Lagaudia to Times Square. The fees vary from some reason.

If your not into using Lyft or Uber caught a Taxi from the taxi stand in front of the airport exit. If you use Uber or Lfyt then your aware that they both have a variety of fee options. Ranging from Uber ride share, SUV, handicap, solo ride etc. You will note that Ride share is always less expensive. This because you are sharing a ride with others and it will take you longer to get to your destination as the driver will be picking up additional passengers along the way. When traveling to and from the airport I DO NOT use Ride share. the reason is because I have luggage as well as my companion and there may not be enough room for all. Another reason is that with Ride share the driver will drop you off fairly close to your destination so that he or she can stay on track with other passengers.

Lets talk accommodations in NYC. I only book 4 star or better hotels. I tend to stick with Marriott brand hotels and book mostly from

When booking you will notice a destination fee added to your hotel stay. This fee will range from $25 to $50 per night.

My rooms are always spacious and i love the service at Marriott hotels. Never had a bad visit at a Marriott property ever and we travel once every 2 months.

This hotels runs $199 to $550 per night. Depends on the time of year visiting.

It comes stocked with a fridge. Beverages int he fridge of your hotel range from $7.00 for a canned Pepsi to $25 for a small bottle of wine. Grab a granola bar for $7.00 or bag of chips for $5.00 per bag. I once walked to the hotel lobby to grab a few snacks and my total was $27 for soda, chips and candy. Ouch!


Rooms available at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square for $189 to $755. Depends on the time of year. Destination fee included.


Luckily I always get a large spacious room with an excellent view of Times Square. Tip: Be kind the associate checking you in.

When i arrived they had champagne and light hor douers available. Of course I indulged. The view from my room could not have been better.

My most recent stay last month June 2019 was at the Westin New York Times Square. In addition to my nightly fee I paid $30 per day plus taxes for a destination fee. My destination fee included:

$30 per day food and beverage credit.

I'm a platinum member so I got to enjoy a free lunch and free alcoholic beverage each day. I would sample items from the menu everyday using my F&B credit. You have the option of using your credit for room service, buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner in the Foundry. Here are a few of my food and drink options.

Breakfast included a buffet for around $36 per person. You may choose the Continental for around $25 per person. Buffet breakfast will always be around $36 per person at any hotel in Times Square. Unless you purchase a breakfast included deal when booking your room.

Lunch was always delicious. Tortilla chips with plantains. Avocado and salsa dipping.

The pizza and Sangria was great! Service was great. Never a complaint. im easy to please anyway.

$10 laundry credit ( basic laundry prices were between $15 and $35) I never used it!

Premium WiFi (used it everyday)

Free ticket to Ripley's Believe it or not per day! (Literally steps away from the hotel) You only get one ticket so my partners ticket was $25 additional.

One Free ticket to ride the double decker bus tour. OMG we rode this bus every single day. It takes you from Brooklyn to Harlem and every single place in between. At night they offer a night tour. GET TO THE BUS STOP 30 MINUTES EARLY CAUSE IT FILLS UP FAST. You can get off and on the bus at various stops in the city. The bus offers headphones so you can listen to history and facts about the city as you ride along.

Included in this package was a lunch cruise around Ellis Island. Lunch was hot dogs, chips, alcohol and canned drinks. (kids menu if you ask me. Oh and lunch was NOT FREE)

Cruising Ellis Island

This lunch cruise was also hop on hop off. There are two stops. No we did not get off on the Ellis island. We simply cruised around.

OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Amateur night at the Apollo was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was like a party. Drinks were flowing and we danced with strangers all night. The comedian was awesome and we had great seats on the floor level. Purchase your tickets at or purchase at the box office before the show. Tickets were under $100 for two tickets. The show starts at 7:30pm on Wednesday nights.

I had so much fun that night. The show ended around 9pm after dark and fear hit me once the show was over. OMG we are in Harlem after dark. I booked a ride share Uber and remember I told you that with ride share you have to walk to meet the driver so he can stay on track with the other passengers rides. We had to walk threw the streets of Harlem in the dark and stand on a street corner for several minutes. Scary for a country girl. We made it back to our room safely.

When visiting NYC I always have to stop by my Zaddys aka Micheal Straham place of employment.

This is the part of the show I was asked to be in but missed the email from the producer of the show. The look on my face says it all.

If you not a VIP you have to reserve tickets with Good morning America and Straham & Sara well in advance. Try booking ticket 2 to 3 weeks in advance. Most times you will not be notified until the week or sometimes the day of. Your ticket will have the address to the show and your arrival time. Expect to stand outside at least 45 minutes. Even if you VIP. You must clear security. Once you get the notification that your tickets are reserved check your email on a daily basis.

Sometimes the producer of the show will contact ticket holders to be apart of the live show. I have missed out on countless opportunities to be apart of Good Morning America LIVE show because I was in the salon doing hair and missed a producers email.

I have visited so many times I have become acquainted with many staff from the security members. If you are fountate enough to get tickets. make sure you wear bright colors.

The audience coordinator who is seating you will seat couples with bright colors on in the front row. Colors look great on camera as you can see above. The camera told her to come stand by me.

after the show take pictures on the stage

It is very hard to get tickets to Kelly & Ryan. I don't think I will visit again unless I am VIP. That means a personal guest of Kelly or Ryan or a producer. You have to wait outside on the side walk for at least an hour and half. I did enjoy the show however.

Gillman is the owner of the show. I remember as child watching the show and hearing Kathy Lee say Gillman this and that. Before the show Gillman comes out and asks if a few audience members would like to be apart of the dance off. Simply raise your hand and he will choose a few audience members. If your a part of the dance off, remember that you need to be energetic the whole time. Meaning don't start dancing then get tired and slack off. Once he audience chooses the winner the show starts immediately and you are taken behind curtains while the Live television taping begins. During the LIVE show you will be brought out on several occasions and they are looking for you to have to same consistent energy you had during the dance off. Before the show begins they will pass of out number for a giveaway. When i visited the giveaway was a $500 gift-card to World market. I didn't win but it was an exciting experience. The guest was that Lori lady when I visited. The one who was involved in the college scandal. A week later that story broke. Avril Lavene was the guest singer and my daughter was excited about that.



Visiting the set of The View was boring. Long waits in line and the lady hired to get the crowd warm didn't do a good job. She just wasn't funny . Before the show we have to be seated int he employee cafeteria. Security stated that if a ABC employee walked into the cafeteria while you are in line you are to move out of there way and allow them to get in front of you. If you do not you will be put out of the building. I chose not to get in line. During commercial breaks the ladies do not talk to each other. I think this is the reason why phones are not allowed during taping. They don't wont anyone taking pictures of the ladies during a commercial break. you can see and feel the tension between the ladies of The View.












Your destination fee also includes a trip to a museum. We choose the Metropolitan Museum close to Central Park. We walked around for an hour looking at exquisite art and sculptures and had lunch in the museum cafeteria. Lunch was just ok. Here are a few pictures we captured at the museum.

Don't forget the Broadway shows! Times Square is situated smack dab in the theater district. you wont have to travel far to see a Broadway show. Prices are pretty steep in my opinion. Hamilton was great and I would see it again. The tickets must be booked weeks if not months in advance and cost hundreds of dollars per person for Hamilton. Hamilton is the most popular Broadway show. There are several shows to choose from. If your looking for last minute show tickets, there is a RED building smack dab int he middle of Times Square where hundreds of people line up almost every evening to get discounted tickets to the shows. The concerigne at your hotel should be able to assist you as well.

I love to see an Opera! Tickets are cheap and in my opinion its a great date night! That is if your date likes the Opera. We always purchase balcony tickets with a partial view for under $30 per seat. I love to get dressed up and call a car service for pick up. Eat dinner at a fancy restaurant and then attend the Opera with new York high society. Catch a Uber from the hotel to the Opera.

Box seats with a partial view are the least expensive.

Have dinner at the Metropolitan Opera before the show

There are tons of things to do while in the city. It would probably take three weeks to see and do just about everything NYC has to offer:

Take a ride around Central Park.

We decided to take a bike ride threw Central Park on cold winters evening. You can talk the peddler down. The ride usually costs about $80 for two people. We talked him down to $65. He took us for a ride around Central Park and allowed us to stop and take pictures at famous movie sites such as The scene from Home Alone, the fountain featured in the intro of the hit comedy show Friends, the street corner where John Lennon was murdered and his memorial site and the building where Yoko Ono stills lives today. We got to view Billions Row in NYC where Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez just recently purchased million dollar penthouses. After our bike ride we had lunch at the Plaza Hotel across the street.

Visit Central Park Zoo. The park was very small but a great places for parents traveling with children.

Visit DUMBO which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge. Lots of trendy restaurants and shops.


To get this shot I placed my phone on the ground because I wanted it to appear as if i was taller than the building.There are several great landmarks and Instagram photo opportunities around the city.

I visited the newly built Hudson Yards. This copper looking structure has stairs that you can climb to the top for a fee to get a great view of the city. Cant remember the cost. We decided to pass. We did do some shopping at the mall behind the structure. It included high end shops as well as restaurants.

Hudson Yards NYC

My future plans in NYC

Caught a game at Madison Square

Ice skate at Rockafella Plaza

Shop 5th Avenue

Helicopter tour of the city

Scroll thru Brooklyn

Bike ride in Brooklyn

Eat at the Red Rooster in Harlem

Visit the Bronx Zoo

Shop in ChinaTown

Attend Ryan Seacrest's Rocking Eve on New Years Eve

Thanksgiving day parade

Sit on the Gold couch at RocNation headquarters

and much more..................

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